Musical Interests

I have played flute on and off since I was a child and I've been playing guitar since February of 2002. I've long had an interest in funny songs, and I discovered filk music at the first science fiction convention I attended, Chambanacon 21, in 1991, if I've counted correctly. Filk is the folk music of science fiction fandom. You might look at The Dandelion Report Filk FAQ for more information.

The first song I attempted (with some success) to sing in public was The Love Song of the Electric Field by Walter Fox Smith and Marian McKenzie, at a local gathering in Barb's Basement in Milwaukee Wisconsin, in November of 2002. With practice I'm becoming more skilled and less hindered by stage fright.

Barb Letterman hosts houseconcerts in her basement in Milwaukee. After the guest's concert there is generally an open song circle. Barb would no doubt be happy to add you to her mailing list if you contact her at There are also occasional Milwaukee housefilks organized by Carol Ferraro,

I'm a regular at the Milwaukee house concerts and filks and I usually attend Duckon in Chicago, the Ohio Valley Filk Festival (OVFF) in (naturally) Ohio, and usually Chambanacon, now moved from Champaign to Springfield, Illinois.

It was the funny songs that attracted me to filk in the first place, and I tend to sing funny songs, though not exclusively. I play a lot of Bob Kanefsky's music, which you can find at I once played "Nobody's Moggy Lands" at an event called KittenCon. They let me live.... Like many people, I'm also an Echo's Children fan.

I'm also responsible for a few songs, which I'm inordinately proud of. I have long been in the habit of writing fragments of parodies, and one reason I wanted to become a performer is so that I'd be motivated to actually finish an entire song so I can perform it.

I have my songs here in a variety of formats, including chordpro with header lines for ChordPack: