Read It Slow (A.J.'s Song)

As I've written earlier, I somehow ended up reading Fox In Socks to a small child in August of 2004. This was my very first time doing such a thing—from the adult's side, that is. I had to write a song:

These lyrics by Michael Pereckas, 2004-08-27, CC-Attribution-ShareAlike
To the tune of “ Play it Slow” by Catherine Faber, copyright 2000

Read it slow, read it slow, it will twist your tongue up tightly,
Dr. Seuss wrote tricky rhymes with images absurd.
Though the words are short and simple do not think you’ll get off lightly
For you’ll find that every word’s a rhyme for every other word.

I was sitting on a rocking chair just watching children running
When a little girl approached me with a slender book in hand.
She climbed up upon my lap and then insisted I start reading.
Though I do a lot of reading this was not quite what I’d planned.

So Sue sews socks for the crafty fox who’s sitting in his station
In a box atop both blocks and clocks—it just gets worse from there.
Each page brings another permutation of alliteration
’Til you find your jaw seized up and feel your tongue’s covered in hair.

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