Bastard Child of Merlin

By Michael Pereckas, parody of "Merlin" by Doug McArthur

Many of you have probably heard Doug McArthur's "Merlin." I think it's a fabulous song, and I always enjoy hearing it. At the 2002 Ohio Vally Filk Festival I heard a number of musicians play this wonderful song. I really enjoyed it. However, after hearing it for the third time in two days, I was starting to think of "Banned From Argo." Thus was born "The Bastard Child of Merlin."

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There's no surprise at the filk tonight 
They'll sing Merlin, I know I'm right 
  And tomorrow, you'll hear it again (twice) 

I heard the filkers singing through the wall
They sing Merlin, one and all
The night has just begun

Dave Clement sings that song so well
Wherever he goes they all learn it as well
He's Merlin's Johny Appleseed

Kathy Mar recorded Merlin, too
None can resist, not me, not you
And not Mr. Sutton, either

There's voices humming through the walls
As filkers trade songs in hotel halls
Soon everyone will know that song

The song is easy, the tune's not hard
It can be played by any would-be bard
Three chords are all you need

I don't know when and I don't know how
I do know it's heard quite often now
And I wouldn't sing this if I hadn't heard you all

McArthur's much like Leslie Fish
She has Argo, Doug has this
And now, a bastard child is born

I remember when it first was heard
The audience hanging on every word
We all longed to hear it again

Now over his shoulder, back of the room
I see them yawning, sleeping soon
I guess we got our wish

We must be careful, we must take a stand
Or else it will be banned as Banned From's banned
Please, no more than once per night

I'll spread the word if I hear that song
I'll take my turn and I'll sing *this* song
I can hardly wait to see that filker's face